Advent is a centuries-old tradition which has a rich history and which gives Jesus-followers a taste of what it must have been like to expectantly look forward to His arrival.

As our culture continually delivers messages to us that Christmas is about anything except Jesus, we offer this devotional in the hopes that it will enable you to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and draw near to God.

This booklet contains 29 daily devotionals, written by 29 members of Grace Community Church. Each writer has composed his or her thoughts about a verse or passage – from both the Old and New Testaments – about the first coming of Jesus.  Our hope is that you will read through one per day, either during your own time which you have reserved for time alone with God, or seated as a family around the table or living room. May God use this to bless you.

Week 1

Nov 27th – Dec 3rd


Week 2

Dec 4th – Dec 10th


Week 3

Dec 11th – Dec 17th


Week 4

Dec 18th – Dec 25th