The City

The City is a web based tool for helping people connect with others in our church. 

The goal of The City is to strengthen community where it already exists, and to mobilize our church to do God's mission in our city and our world.

Why does Grace Community Church need The City?

As Grace has grown, it has become more difficult to communicate with each other. The City gives us a place to pray for one another, find groups, meet needs and strengthen the already existing communities that we have here. 

How will the church communicate via The City?

Leaders in our church will be sharing on The City at a group level so that the communications you receive will be specific only to you. For example women in our church will not receive announcements inviting them to a men's ministry breakfast. Once you have joined The City, you will start to receive emails and you have the ability to decide how much or little you want to receive.  

How does someone in our church begin to use The City?

The easiest way to learn how to use The City is by simply spending time exploring it, browsing around and checking out all the features. There will also be video tutorials and ongoing tips available to help you better navigate your way around. 

What does The City look like?

Click here for a guide to the layout of The City. 

How does The City work with email?

The wonderful thing about The City is that once you accept the invitation to join, you do not have to log in to the city again to receive communications from our church as they go right into your inbox. If someone messages you through The City you can simply hit reply and start typing. The City also helps reduce email because it can create a daily digest to be created of all the communications from into one email. 

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For more questions, contact Jonathan Scheffrahn or explore the Help & Tips page.