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"The Lord has showed me so much about myself through Celebrate Recovery and step studies. I have learned to give grace and forgive quickly.  My anger, rejection and anxiety used to  lead to destruction, but today I have victories in Jesus and being healed. I am a better wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I have not arrived yet and continue to press on with accountability and love in Celebrate Recovery. " - Anonymous Participant
"I'm a grateful believer in Jesus who has recovered from drug and alcohol addictions and struggles with pride and hurts from the past. I'm a dedicated follower of Christ and I love to serve others. My story illustrates the fact that many of us can love the Lord and be successful in most areas of life, yet still struggle with our own fears, hurts, compulsive behaviors and outright addictions. Celebrate Recovery is a safe and confidential community of primarily Christians who seek to overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups. We work a Christ-centered 12 Step program based on Biblical principles, with the love and support of others in recovery. Thousands of lives have been dramatically changed by the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ since the inception of this program nearly 25 years ago. We invite you to join us Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm in the Grace Life Center." - Anonymous Participant
"I'm a grateful follower of Jesus who has recovered from alcoholism, drug usage, smoking addiction, sexual addiction, and I currently struggle with anger and pride. I have been in Celebrate Recovery for over 2 years now, but have been involved in a different 12 Step based recovery program for over 27 years. I am fully acquainted with the power of the 12 Steps as I have seen thousands of lives dramatically changed. What I have discovered at Celebrate Recovery is that the combination of Jesus Christ and the 12 Steps releases tremendous power for healing all manner of hurts, habits and hang-ups. My anger and pride have plagued me throughout my recovery, but through working the Christ-centered 12 Steps I have made more progress in the past 2 years than in the previous 25 years. If you are suffering from any hurt, habit or hang-up that you just can't seem to make any progress on through other means, please give us a try. I promise that anyone who makes an honest effort at working the Celebrate Recovery program will become a changed person, a new creation in Christ." - Anonymous Participant
"I came to Celebrate Recovery because I knew I needed to find a place to be around safe people. Years of being in abusive situations had made me lonely and fearful of people. I isolated myself from everyone and everything. I wanted to break out of the cycle of loneliness. Through step studies, large groups and share groups I have found safety, freedom and the love of Christ." - Anonymous Participant
"I've suffered from anger, bitterness, and being critical and judgmental of others which eventually led to my divorce. I came to Celebrate Recovery without a lot of hope that it was going to change me. Just past midway in the step study a miracle had taken place, and my anger and bitterness was removed and replaced with a new peace from the Lord. My ex-wife at a chance meeting recognized this newfound peace and we were reconciled and remarried. She also attends Celebrate Recovery and has recovered from abuse in her past. - Anonymous Participant
"Last February 2013, I had come to a breaking point over our marriage.  Feeling very hopeless and discouraged, I urged my husband to try Celebrate Recovery. Full of skepticism, he consented. Interesting that, at the time, I thought  it was ALL HIM. After attending only a few meetings, I discovered a plethora of issues on my end. Humbled, I decided to stick with Celebrate Recovery.  I had come full of hidden, seething anger, severe distrust, and monster control issues. I haven't arrived but I'm definitely not angry, domineering, or distrustful anymore. I love Celebrate Recovery and have found lasting friendships for a lifetime. The Lord truly reigns in this ministry. His voice is gentle, comforting, and He brings the healing we desperately need." - Anonymous Participant
"I've suffered from overeating and hurts from past relationships. Through Celebrate Recovery I've been able to really open up and trust people, and have many new relationships in my life. I have completed a step study and my life has changed dramatically as a result. I'm losing weight by eating better and exercising, and have a promising new career. I'm grateful to Jesus and to my friends in recovery." - Anonymous Participant
"I'm a recovering crystal meth addict. I lived a very destructive life while in the throes of my addiction. Working the Christ-centered 12-Steps has released me from that horrible addiction. I've also quit smoking and have found freedom in many other areas of my life as well. I'm so grateful to Jesus for saving my life and leading me to Celebrate Recovery." - Anonymous Participant
"I struggled with fear of rejection and resentment , and have a tendency to want to isolate. I have completed a step study at Celebrate Recovery and as a result am more confident in sharing my thoughts with others, plus I realize the importance of being open and honest and maintaining an accountability with others. I've been able to let go of my resentment and reconcile with many family members. " - Anonymous Participant