Heart for the Nations

Jesus left his followers with clear instructions:  "Go...and make disciples of all the nations (peoples), baptizing them... and teaching  them to observe all I have commanded you."  It is our earnest hope that all peoples come to hear and understand the life-giving message of the Gospel of Christ. As a blessed people, we must never see our blessings as something to be hoarded or spent solely on ourselves.  A true understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant means that we have been blessed in order to bless "all the families of the earth" (Gen. 12:3).

In order to be a church that truly blesses our community and the world by helping people find, know, and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we must be involved in sharing the blessing of salvation through Christ with peoples who have never heard or clearly understood the "Good News." Almost one third of the world's population is located in these 'unreached peoples,' many within political or national contexts which are hostile to Christianity.

We also recognize that students, refugees, and others from countries all over the world are coming here to the Metroplex.  A significant part of our ministry to internationals is to reach out to them, many from unreached nations or people groups, right here in our home town while they are our guests and neighbors.  Our hope is that they will meet and become followers of Jesus for the rest of their lives, whether they stay here or return to their home countries.

For the unreached around the world, our hope is that taking the message of Jesus to the unreached will not result in western-style meetings, but in true worship and community around the person of Jesus, expressed in the flavor and culture of that people group.  Revelation 7:9 says that people from "every nation, tribe, peoples and tongue" will stand before the Throne of God giving Him glory! How exciting to introduce new worshippers to their true King!

John Piper in his book "Let the Nations Be Glad" states that, for the Church, global missions exists because global worship does not.  At Grace, our reason for blessing the nations is to increase worship to our God, because He is worthy of praise!