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The adjustment to college / university is almost always a significant life transition.  For many students going to college or university is the first time away from "home."  For students who go to college after having lived in another culture the transition will likely differ, but will also be experienced as a major life transition.  Many MKs / TCKs have experienced going to an international school or a boarding school as part of their elementary or high school experience.  They often smile at the students who are learning to live away from "home" the first time.  However, the transition from one cultural setting to another may well require a significant unexpected adjustment unless some preparations are made.  Some of these adjustments may be eased by considering the following resources.

Eight things I wish someone had told me before I moved to the U.S.

As one prepares to enter college/university, a transition can be expected.  If that transition involves a cross-cultural move, more attention needs to be given to the adjustment in the transition.  One of the key elements in successfully navigating this transition is the maintaining and building of friendships.  The following document provides some insight about this significant concern.

Friendship in the midst of transition

Five Places to Feel at "Home"

MK / TCK Transition Seminar

College / University Students