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To find out what on earth you were put here for, please fill out the form below!

If you do not know your Spiritual Gift, contact Jonathan Scheffrahn ( for a spiritual gifts inventory.

Example of Spiritual Gifts include: Helps/Service, Leadership, Mercy, Miracles, Missionary, Pastor, Poverty, Prophecy, Teaching, Tongues, Knowledge, Interpretation of Tongues, Administration, Discerning of Spirits, Evangelism, Exhortation, Faith, Giving, Healing, Hospitality, Intercession, Wisdom

Examples of Heart Passions: Welcoming Grace Visitors Supporting Missions Sharing the Gospel Setup and Teardown Serving Young Adults Serving the Terminally Ill Serving the Poor in Mexico Serving the Needy Serving the Homeless Serving the Handicapped Supporting the Audio-Visual Team Teaching 0-5 Year Olds Visiting the Sick Video Editing Teaching Sr. High Teaching Prisoners Teaching Parenting Classes Teaching Jr. High Teaching Finance Classes Teaching English as a Second Language Teaching a Bible Study Serving Single Parents Serving Senior Citizens Grilling Food General Computer Support Directing Parking Lot Traffic Counseling the Grieving Counseling Recent Divorcees Counseling Married Couples Counseling Engaged Couples Communion Preparation Building a Singles Community Helping Recovering Addicts Leading Camping Trips Serving International Refugees Providing Childcare Preparing & Cooking Food Praying Outreach to Homosexuals Mentoring Women Mentoring New Christians Mentoring Men Leading Worship

Examples of Abilities: Writing-Creative Theater-Costume Design Theater-Acting Teaching-Teens Teaching-ESL Teaching-Children Teaching-Adults Security Network-Engineering Music-Vocals Theater-Set-Design Trade-Attorney/Lawyer Trade-Realtor Trade-Plumbing Trade-Painting Trade-Licensed Counselor Trade-Flooring Trade-Electrical Trade-Construction Trade-Carpentry Trade-Automotive Music-Strings Music-Other Music-Keys Hospitality-Greeting Computer-Web Authoring Computer-Tech Support Computer-Microsoft Office AV-Video/Camera AV-Video Editing AV-Lighting Art-Photography Art-Graphic Design Hospitality-Hosting Hospitality-Meals Music-Guitar Music-Drums Music-Bass Medical-Nurse Medical-EMT Medical-Doctor Medical-Dentistry Language-Spanish Language-Sign Language

Personality & Past Experience

Would you consider yourself a primarily task-oriented person (don’t mind working alone) or people-oriented (prefer to be around and with people)? Do you consider yourself a structured person (desiring detailed instruction) or an unstructured (free-wheeling) person?

How do you work?